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Cooking in Your Van with The Small Kitchen Cook

In her book, Ashleigh Butler shows how to cook delicious, seasonal and nourishing food in a van's tiny kitchen.

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Review: 3.2KVA Honda EU32i Inverter Generator

The world’s lightest 3KVA class generator

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Perfect Projector for Camping - XGIMI Halo+

Innovative electronics supplier XGIMI Technology has an easy solution for camping entertainment with its Halo+ portable projector.

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Review: NomadiQ portable BBQ

The NomadiQ is a barbecue like no other...

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Invicta Lithium Batteries Reviewed

Invicta Lithium Batteries are a new brand that looks to be the coming household name for lithium batteries. We tested two of their batteries on a recent outback trip.

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Keeping Cool with Engel

Having the support of Engel at Camper Trailer of the Year made the long days — and longer nights — a whole lot more pleasant and achievable.

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REDARC BCDC1225D Battery Charger Review

Discover Camper’s take on the popular REDARC BCDC1225D battery charger, following our journey along the Great Australian Bight.

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Soft substrates like sand, mud and snow require specialist pegs

Awning Peg Guide

The once basic awning peg has become an arms race all of its own. We compare the options to make life easier next time you’re stocking up.

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Driving Gloves: Yay or Nay?

Are driving gloves something from a bygone era, gone the way of the dodo?

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Englaon 24" 12V Rechargeable TV Review

Conduct your own movie night, under the stars.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Adventure Lovers

Here are some fantastic ideas perfect for any and all caravanners this Christmas.

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Summer Holiday Destination - Tasmania

Tasmania has everything there is to offer for a summertime adventure, with the added bonus of being as far south as Australia can offer.

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