REDARC Tow-Pro Elite V3 Review

Camper Staff — 15 August 2019
Our verdict on the latest brake controller from REDARC, after 1000s of kilometres of testing on the Great Australian Bight.

REDARC claim to be reactive, innovative and customer-centric. Such attributes are perhaps best demonstrated through the brand’s ongoing refinement of their Tow-Pro electric trailer brake controller. Their first Tow-Pro electronic brake controller was a brake-through (pun intended) when it was introduced four years ago, but it’s already in its third iteration. Version three has an even more miniaturised control head and subtle modifications to ease installation in the latest vehicles, where space in the dash is at a premium. The new control head also has brighter coloured lights for more immediate mode recognition.

Safe braking is one of the most important aspects of towing a big rig. The Tow-Pro was revolutionary when it hit the shelves and it continues as the market benchmark today. It is the only controller to use both proportional and user-controlled braking.

The “proportional” mode applies stopping power in accord with the amount of braking force the driver has applied. A miniature accelerometer and complex computer algorithms automatically determine the required – “proportional” – pressure to the trailer brakes. It delivered smooth deceleration and we suffered no locked brakes on tar or hard dirt roads.

On the dirt we switched to the “user control”, common in older braking systems. When the brakes were applied, the trailer brakes activated at the selected pressure. A turn of the remote knob raised or decreased the amount of braking needed. So, in this setting, by simply reaching out and turning the knob, you can fine-tune the trailer brakes to the situation, be it the open road or a tighter, rougher track.

Although we didn’t need it this time around, a third manual method can be used to apply only the trailer brakes in cases where you want to stop. To operate, it’s simply a matter of touching the central red button on the remote head to activate the brakes at the level set on the dial.

Dedicated wiring harnesses are available for the full range of current tow vehicles and the controller is compatible with all electric and electric/hydraulic brakes, as well as AL-KO Stability Control and onboard trailer sway systems.



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