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Travel Types: What’s your style?

What sort of ‘travel type’ are you? Do you bounce around, or hang around? Kath spells out a few different travel types and discusses how to successfully travel with people who go about travel differently.

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Top 15 Camping Mistakes Made by Beginners

Camper selects the top 15 easily avoidable though often costly mistakes made by folks who are new to camping. Perhaps you’ve made some of these yourself or perhaps by reading you’ll spare yourself the trouble.

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Next time you go for a drive get the kids to count the bottles and cans

The Real Cost of Littering

Does it really take monetary rewards and legal sanctions for folks to start using bins? It’s time us overlanders took responsibility for our rubbish.

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Opening the Desert Up for All

If you want to really get away from it all, get to know the great desert routes that delineate Australia.

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Our Deadly Deserts

Our bone-dry deserts can be brutal, indifferent deathtraps. Travellers need to take them very, very seriously.

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Bad Camping Behaviour

Scott rips into the one per cent of campers who ruin the experience for the majority by blindly pursuing their own self-interest

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Stop Trying So Hard in the Kitchen

You can throw away the chef’s hat. When you’re camping, eating something simple, as a family, is much more important than gourmet dining

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Summer Holiday Destination - Tasmania

Tasmania has everything there is to offer for a summertime adventure, with the added bonus of being as far south as Australia can offer.

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Summer Holiday Destination - Adelaide Hills, SA

Head for the hills in South Australia, a region that packs a punch in terms of historic towns, cool-climate wineries and activities that will keep the kids busy.

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