Lumberjack Glenaire Review

Aaron Flanagan — 19 December 2019
Camper takes Lumberjack’s super roomy Glenaire dual fold for a quick spin out into the wide blue yonder.

There’s a reason why the forward fold is Australia’s favourite style of camper. A decent quality forward fold doesn’t cost a kidney and typically comes complete with everything necessary for comfortable self-sustaining camping trips to all corners of the country. The Lumberjack Glenaire takes this Aussie favourite-style of camper and ups its appeal by adding more internal living space, upgrading forward and rear bed sizes, improving set-up time and reducing canvas manipulation hassle. All this repositions Australia’s favourite forward folding-style of camper into a style now better described as dual folding. The Glenaire is a camper at the vanguard of what we suspect is a wholesale industry-wide transformation of the established forward folding dynamic to dual folding functionality. 

Costing about the same as standard family sedan, the Lumberjack Glenaire has updated the standard forward fold paradigm by adding capacity. Rather than shoehorning a piecemeal double bed down the back, the Glenaire somehow finds room for a queen bed. This extra space is in addition, for the winners of the nighttime coin toss, to a monstrous king-size bed up front. It struck me, kicking back with a beer in the super-chill dinette between the big beds at each end of the Glenaire, that my two-bedroom townhouse in Melbourne’s inner-north is furnished with two queen beds. My actual house has less bed square-metreage than a Lumberjack Glenaire. I’m contemplating suggesting to the wife that we take advantage of the freakish property bubble, sell the house, buy a dual fold, enjoy the extra room and dive, like laughing fools, into the wheelbarrows of folding cash we’d have left over. We could circumnavigate Australia for ever dining on the finest truck stop steak sandwiches known to man, shaving Alba truffles on top of each one. 

It’s no surprise really. The ever-popular forward fold style has undergone constant year-upon-year upgrades to a stage where now, as in the Glenaire, the best ones, while looking and functioning like a traditional forward folding camper, are better described as dual folding. Two couples, in a dual fold with beds and space as ample as the Glenaire, could co-exist quite comfortably without declaring, at the end of the trip, that it’s probably best they never see each other again. Could you say this with confidence after time away in a forward fold? Two couples making do with a queen and a double? I think not. And the kids? Well the kids, if you’re doing it right, should collapse anywhere at day’s end. Full days running about, swimming, climbing and doing what all kids do when they’re out in the bush far away from technology, should culminate in happy kids bunking down in a third giant bed — a double — that can quickly be set up in the dinette section. There’s also a mammoth awning that brings the outside in, if the kiddies fancy kipping out there under it in a swag. Of course the sound of an angry wombat may have them inside, and one of the olds outside, as quickly as a goanna racing up a tree. But there you go. Loads of room. A king, a queen, a double in the middle plus heaps of awning space outside. In my mind, space is definitely the main attribute of the Lumberjack Glenaire. If it’s space you’re after, and who isn’t, the Glenaire will tick major boxes.


The Glenaire rides on a pair of all-terrain tyres wrapped around cool-looking six-stud alloy-rimmed wheels as standard. As well, there’s two spares mounted to the rear. The Glenaire features a full box section chassis, with independent coil suspension and dual shockers supporting the load nicely. A hot dipped galvanised 100 x 50 x 4mm drawbar up front completes the package. The unit is fitted with 12” electric brakes with breakaway, and an easy-to-use 10” swing-up jockey wheel.

Also underneath are two 100L stainless steel water tanks with alloy bash plate protectors. The tanks are considerately positioned, away from the drawbar towards the rear of the trailer, creating a nice centre of balance. The undersides are neat and tidy, with no loose hanging bits and pieces, reducing any risk of damage in harsh offroad scenarios. Connecting rig and tow tug is a flexible AS-rated 3-tonne 360 degree polyblock offroad coupling. 

Then comes a cavernous lockable alloy checkerplate toolbox that opens with twin gas strut assistance. It has space for two 9kg gas bottles and two 20L jerry cans. 

There’s bootloads of extra room for whatever takes your fancy — firewood, toys, beach gear. Loads of room for most things you could think of.

There’s seven further external storage compartments dotted down the flanks of the Glenaire, with room for tent poles and other odds and ends. Storage capacity will have you wanting for nothing. There’s also seven separate storage compartments internally for all clothing and inside living requirements. Things like books, maps, electrical odds and ends, photographic equipment — the list goes on — will have a place.

The whole thing clocks in at a not insubstantial 1800kg Tare weight, with 600kg of load capacity bringing things up to 2400kg ATM. There’s 220kg on the ball.


The power generating capability of campers these days is, quite simply, awesome. The Glenaire is tooled up with three 12V deep cycle batteries complete with level indicators, as standard, and is serviced via three 12V sockets and two dual 12V USB ports. From this reasonably hefty starting point, it’s simple to upgrade greater self-sustaining power attributes if planning on spending substantial time off the beaten track.



Opening the Glenaire is quite literally a push button operation, with remote controlled electric actuator opening and closing for both beds either end. Once it’s fully expanded and you’ve put the corner stabiliser legs in place, there’s a bit of tent preparation and set-up to get used to, but once well-practised, it should take less than ten minutes to have the 14oz canvas properly spread and taut. The Glenaire’s tent poles are quick-release alloy and there’s a tropical fly included in case a deluge is expected. As well, there’s a 6.7m x 2.4m annex and all screens are midge proof. The whole lot is double-stitched throughout, there’s plenty of windows with inner and outer awnings and strong zips all around.

The kitchen is a stainless steel slide-out unit with extending slide-out work station. It features a four-burner gas stove with folding wind deflectors, sink with electric cold water pump and tap, lighting, a utility drawer and further storage compartment. Adjustable legs fold down to stabilise the kitchen and food work station area. There is also another sliding unit side by side with the kitchen that pulls out to reveal a large pantry at the rear and two large and lockable utility/pots and food drawers at the front.



The Lumberjack Glenaire has plenty going for it, particularly its enormous class-leading accommodation capacity. As well, there is plenty of strength underneath, ample storage, good-quality components throughout and huge living spaces, inside and out, underneath top-spec, well-ventilated and screened off canvas. 

With a Tare mass of 1800kg, filling the 200L well-shrouded water tanks to capacity gives you 400kg load for extraneous food and camping accessories before hitting the 2400kg ATM. 

The Glenaire’s tough, independent coil suspension, dual shockers and fully welded box construction should deal with most of what Australia’s dirt roads dish up. 

Now, which friends do you wish to take with you?



Tare 1800kg

Ball weight 220kg

ATM 2400kg

Payload 600kg

Drawbar 100mm x 50mm x 4mm hot dip galvanised bolted and welded to frame

Hitch 3 tonne 360° polyblock system

Jockey wheel 10” swing-up

Tyres 16" plus two spares (optional upgrade to Goodyear branded available)

Tyre rims Alloy Lumberjack branded special edition (optional)

Brakes 12" electric brakes with breakaway unit and handbrake

Suspension Independent suspension with dual shocks

Body type Motorised opening & closing hard floor


Closed 5.65m (L) x 2.15m (W) x 1.6m (H)

Open 7.3m (L) x 4.55m (W)


Canvas 14oz waterproof

Annex 6.7m x 2.4m, all walls and floor included

Fly screens Midge proof netting

Pegs and ropes Full kit included with unit

Tropical fly Included

Pole type Quick release alloy

Ventilation Mosquito and midge proof flyscreen on all windows

Construction Double stitched joins throughout


Kitchen Four-burner AGA approved stove with wind deflector, dual food preparation spaces, stainless steel sink with tap and drainer

Gas 2 x rings, gas plumbing optional

Water 2 x 100L lockable water tanks with alloy bash plates

Bedding Main bed king sized, rear bed queen sized, dinette converts to double bed


$ 32,999


  • Heaps of space inside and out
  • Nice flow inside and out
  • Heaps of storage
  • King sized bed AND queen sized bed
  • Nice tent design


  • A tad heavy at 1800kg Tare
  • Lots of canvas and poles to organise


Fit for intended purpose — 8

Innovation — 6.5

Self-sufficiency — 6 

Quality of finish — 7

Build quality — 6.5

Offroadability — 5.5

Comforts — 7.5

Ease of use — 7

Value for money — 7.5 

X-Factor — 6.5


Lumberjack Camper Trailers

Address 290 Princes Highway, Corio VIC 3214

Address 2/11 Moss St, Slacks Creek, QLD 4127

Phone 1300 30 40 45



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