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Buying a New Camper Trailer

With so many campers to choose from, deciding which to buy can be intimidating. This guide drills down on the important questions to ask so you end up with your dream setup.

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Unwanted camping gear: Trash or treasure?

Unwanted Camping Gear: Trash or Treasure?

There should be no excuse for leaving behind unwanted or broken camping gear - it's more likely to become trash for park rangers to deal with, rather than a lucky find by a fellow thrifty camper.

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Summer Holiday Destination - Tasmania

Tasmania has everything there is to offer for a summertime adventure, with the added bonus of being as far south as Australia can offer.

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Summer Holiday Destination - Adelaide Hills, SA

Head for the hills in South Australia, a region that packs a punch in terms of historic towns, cool-climate wineries and activities that will keep the kids busy.

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