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Tents: Choosing the Right Home Away From Home

Choosing a tent can be bewildering, given the range of tents available to today’s camper.

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Fossicking Fossils

Kath gives us an insight into the discussions from her backseat driver regarding life, the universe and everything while touring regional Australia.

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Steppin' Out

Get back to basics and strap on your hiking boots as Kath takes us on journey to discover the rugged wilderness of southern Tasmania.

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The Sound of Silence

The NSW High Country was the perfect location for a secluded escape — until a few American Country music Fans arrived

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Travel Types: What’s your style?

What sort of ‘travel type’ are you? Do you bounce around, or hang around? Kath spells out a few different travel types and discusses how to successfully travel with people who go about travel differently.

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Next time you go for a drive get the kids to count the bottles and cans

The Real Cost of Littering

Does it really take monetary rewards and legal sanctions for folks to start using bins? It’s time us overlanders took responsibility for our rubbish.

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What's in a Name?

What qualifies someone as a ‘good bloke’? Can a woman be a 'good bloke'?

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Dometic RUC Upright Refrigerator: Gear

Dometic RUC Upright Refrigerator

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Carting a boat on top of a camper trailer works brilliantly as long as the trailer's tough enough to

Caution Advised When Carrying Boats on Your Camper

Caution advised when carrying boats on your camper

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Shane Adams took this used Aussie Swag camper and did it up for less than the cost of a new unit.


READER’S RIGS: AUSSIE SWAG REBUILD Check out this re-birthed Aussie Swag camper trailer belonging to

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CGear — Camping Gear Designed for Aussie Conditions

CGear is proudly an Australian owned company, and designs camping gear specifically to withstand Australian conditions

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Portable water storage options for your camper trailer

Water is one of the most important things to pack when heading away on a camping adventure.

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