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Coronavirus: A New Reality

The pandemic has shut down the world, and with it, the camper and remote touring industry.

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This is the real Bush TV

Is technology destroying camping culture?

Nowadays, kids and their parents seem more interested in their devices than exploring around camp and making friends. It’s bloody hard to watch.

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PICTURE CREDIT:  Andrew Bertuleit/Getty Images

Can You Put a Price on Safety?

Prompted by a recent incident involving the biggest kangaroo known to mankind, Kath asks, what is the safety of your setup worth? Can you put a price cap on it?

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Our Deadly Deserts

Our bone-dry deserts can be brutal, indifferent deathtraps. Travellers need to take them very, very seriously.

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Bad Camping Behaviour

Scott rips into the one per cent of campers who ruin the experience for the majority by blindly pursuing their own self-interest

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Permanent holiday park residency: The pros and cons

Permanent Holiday Park Residency: The Pros and Cons

Kath Heiman faces a tough decision: set up a holiday park base and enjoy weekends by the beach, or stick with their life on the open road?

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An old retired croc shooter in the NT reckons he tells everyone these days that the only safe place

Is it Time for a Croc Cull?

With the recent increase of fatal croc attacks, it's clear something - potentially a cull - needs to be done to ensure the safety of people in WA, QLD and NT waterways.

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When great expectations fall short.

Are Australia's Quality Assurance Regimes Adequate?

For many camper trailer owners it can be confusing to know what to do if you have a concern about your camper, so Kath Heiman explains the varied quality assurance options.

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Summer Holiday Destination - Tasmania

Tasmania has everything there is to offer for a summertime adventure, with the added bonus of being as far south as Australia can offer.

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Summer Holiday Destination - Adelaide Hills, SA

Head for the hills in South Australia, a region that packs a punch in terms of historic towns, cool-climate wineries and activities that will keep the kids busy.

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