Cub release Limited Edition Brumby

Camper Staff — 15 August 2019
The new Brumby L.E. takes the iconic camper’s offroad credentials to another level.

Cub Campers pride themselves on their offroad campers, and with an eye to making their toughest yet, they have just released a limited edition Brumby.

The new Brumby, first launched at the Penrith Leisurefest Roadshow from August 2 to 4, builds upon the existing Brumby, making it appropriate for extreme offroad conditions.

The L.E. is fitted with 265/70R17 Alloy Gun Metal Wheels and Goodyear Mud Terrains. It also features 12” electric brakes and coil-spring suspension for a level ride over the rough stuff.

Importantly, the drawbar is chunkier at 150x50x3mm, and up front it connects to the towing vehicle with a trusty DO35 hitch.

In terms of off-grid, another change with the L.E. is the larger 12V water pump which can now push out 10L a minute, from the 80L water tank equipped with galvanised steel protection. Cub have also made the fridge slide larger; it can now accommodate a 95L box.

A new aesthetic and a spate of other changes round out the L.E. package. The RRP on the new offering is $37,990.


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