Behind the Brand: Lumberjack Camper Trailers

Camper Staff — 20 February 2020
Each brand approaches camper packaging differently, but it's not often you can buy your camper and fully accessorise it under the one roof.

Campers are packaged in many different ways. Some manufacturers take the approach of including a heap of features, such as fridges, DC-to-DC chargers and hot water systems, as standard. Those manufacturers are aspiring to provide a ‘turnkey’ package, one which provides the customer with everything they need, so they can basically just hitch up and hit the road, but they run the risk of including features a customer already owns or doesn’t need.

Other manufacturers, being aware of the risk of including items a customer doesn’t need, take the opposite approach of a fairly stripped back package. This can then be added to and expanded upon by the addition of options, so that the customer can tailor the package to their own needs. Manufacturers who take this approach run the risk of being seen to be upselling by not including these features as standard.

All manufacturers approach this balance differently. It’s a delicate equation, and there’s no right answer. But Lumberjack Camper Trailers have their own unique approach to camper trailer packaging that bypasses a few of the difficulties. They’ve got an associated brand called Firefly camping gear, the HQ of which is at the same address as Lumberjack Camper Trailers in Corio, Victoria. Lumberjack campers can be kitted out with Firefly gear to suit your needs.

Say you come in looking for a camper trailer. What is standard may be what you need, in which case you can purchase the camper and hit the road. Or, there may be a few things, specific to your requirements, that you’d like to add. Some of the time, Lumberjack runs specials — you might catch them at shows — that include a certain cost of accessories on the house with your camper trailer purchase. This way, you can choose just what you need, and not pay for something that you don’t. 

A lot of brands deal with accessory manufacturers that are external to them. When the camper manufacturer and the gear manufacturer are associated, everything — from warranty through to fitment — becomes a bit more simple. You may want to add a portable heater, a jerry can, an additional battery charger, a rooftop tent, a camper trailer cover, a shower ensuite, a dual zone fridge, a first-aid kit, a portable toilet, or an awning to your purchase; or even something you just need for camping, like chairs or a swag. With Lumberjack, you can do that all under one roof.


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